Corsock Weather Station - Report for 2023

Highest wind gust50 kt21st December
Highest barometric pressure 09Z1046.2 hPa5th February
Lowest barometric pressure 09Z 971.0 hPa2nd November
Highest maximum temperature 30.3 C12th June
Lowest minimum temperature -9.6 C1st December
Lowest grass minimum temperature-14.5 C15th March
Highest daily rainfall36.9 mm27th September
Highest daily sunshine15.8 hr14th June

Mean max temperature13.3 C+1.0 C
Mean min temperature 4.7 C+0.4 C
Mean temperature 8.9 C+0.6 C

Rainfall1578.0 mm105.5
Sunshine1271.5 hr 96.5
Air frosts81
Ground frosts127
Rain days (0.2 mm or more)243
Wet days (1.0 mm or more)181
Sunless days83

Highest mean temperature 9.1 C2004
Lowest mean temperature 6.9 C2010
Highest rainfall1954.8 mm2011
Lowest rainfall1122.4 mm2003
Highest sunshine1628.7 hr1995
Lowest sunshine1093.3 hr1993

Graphical representations of temperature (max, min and grass minimum)
and rainfall and sunshine are shown overleaf/below
Scaling of Y axis is automatic
Months are scaled on the X axis

Averages are calculated with reference to 1991-2020 dataset. This page is updated on 2nd January each year.