Corsock AWS - Report for 2018
Highest wind gust60 kt24th January
Highest barometric pressure 09Z1037.9 hPa22nd October
Lowest barometric pressure 09Z 981.8 hPa29th November
Highest maximum temperature 31.3 C28th June
Lowest minimum temperature -7.9 C7th February
Lowest grass minimum temperature-12.6 C7th February
Highest daily rainfall39.1 mm2nd January
Highest daily sunshine16.1 hr24th June

Mean max temperature13.0 C+0.9 C
Mean min temperature 4.0 C-0.3 C
Mean temperature 8.3 C+0.1 C

Rainfall1574.6 mm113.1
Sunshine1419.1 hr111.8
Air frosts94
Ground frosts147
Rain days (0.2 mm or more)246
Wet days (1.0 mm or more)169
Sunless days63
Averages are calculated with reference to 1981-2010 dataset
This page is updated on 2nd January each year