Corsock Weather Station - Report for February 2024

Highest wind gust36 kt2
Highest barometric pressure1031.0 hPa1
Lowest barometric pressure 975.7 hPa9
Highest maximum temperature 12.4 C18
Lowest minimum temperature -4.3 C8
Lowest grass minimum temperature -9.1 C26
Highest daily rainfall18.4 mm14
Highest daily sunshine 8.4 hr26

Mean daily maximum temperature 8.8 C+1.9 C
Mean daily minimum temperature 1.9 C+1.6 C
Month mean temperature 5.3 C+1.7 C

Rainfall for month125.3 mm 98.1
Sunshine for month 59.6 hr 89.8
Air frosts8
Ground frosts18
Rain days (0.2 mm or more)23
Wet days (1.0 mm or more)18
Sunless days9

Highest mean temperature 6.7 C1998
Lowest mean temperature 0.7 C2010
Highest rainfall328.6 mm2014
Lowest rainfall 21.6 mm1993
Highest sunshine106.1 hr2018
Lowest sunshine 27.9 hr1998

Graphical representations of temperature (max, min and grass minimum)
and rainfall and sunshine are shown overleaf/below
Scaling of Y axis is automatic
Month dates are scaled on the X axis

Averages are calculated with reference to 1991-2020 dataset. This page is updated on the second day of the following month