Corsock AWS - Report for January 2019
Highest wind gust46 kt27
Highest barometric pressure1046.8 hPa2
Lowest barometric pressure 983.0 hPa26
Highest maximum temperature 10.3 C7
Lowest minimum temperature -8.2 C30
Lowest grass minimum temperature -9.9 C28
Highest daily rainfall11.8 mm21
Highest daily sunshine 7.5 hr31

Mean daily maximum temperature 5.9 C+0.0 C
Mean daily minimum temperature-1.4 C-1.7 C

Rainfall for month 51.9 mm 35.0
Sunshine for month 75.4 hr160.4
Air frosts18
Ground frosts23
Rain days (0.2 mm or more)21
Wet days (1.0 mm or more)12
Sunless days11
Averages are calculated with reference to 1981-2010 dataset
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