Corsock AWS     55 04' N 3 56' W 114 metres amsl

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Corsock AWS - Report for April 2021
Highest wind gust35 kt4
Highest barometric pressure1037.2 hPa3
Lowest barometric pressure1007.8 hPa8
Highest maximum temperature17.6 C24
Lowest minimum temperature-7.8 C10
Lowest grass minimum temperature-11.9 C10
Highest daily rainfall 2.2 mm26
Highest daily sunshine13.4 hr25

Mean daily maximum temperature11.3 C-0.5 C
Mean daily minimum temperature-2.4 C-5.2 C
Month mean temperature 4.4 C-2.9 C

Rainfall for month 10.1 mm 11.7
Sunshine for month245.8 hr163.9
Air frosts24
Ground frosts25
Rain days (0.2 mm or more)8
Wet days (1.0 mm or more)5
Sunless days1

Highest mean temperature 9.5 C2007
Lowest mean temperature 4.4 C2021
Highest rainfall134.0 mm1996
Lowest rainfall 10.1 mm2021
Highest sunshine245.8 hr2021
Lowest sunshine 80.7 hr1996

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