Corsock Automatic Weather Station     55 04' N 3 56' W 114 metres amsl

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January so far
[Data is provisional pending verification]
Highest maximum temp: 8.4°C on 16th
Lowest minimum: -12.4°C on 9th
Lowest grass minimum temp: -14.2°C on 9th
Rainfall: 15.5 mm in 83.4 hr - Sunshine: 45.9 hr
Temperature data updated every hour and in real time for rainfall and sunshine. Month reset for max temperature and rainfall is at 0900 UTC on the 1st of the following month.

Monday 18th January 2021 00:48 UTC
[Observations at 23:19 UTC]
Sunrise 08:27 UTC
Sunset 16:24 UTC

AWS System: Major fault; data unreliable

Terminal hour 0900 UTC - monitoring since 1992. Data ©.
METARS are produced for pilots flying in the area. CB and TCU not reported on AUTO. Google METAR decode for help in decoding if necessary.
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